Friday, July 12, 2019

Heard a Voice Now

I woke up at about 4:20-4:25am.

I was woken up by hearing a voice.

The voice was male. The best analysis that I could make immediately after hearing it was that it MIGHT have sounded like a young version of my dead Grandfather.

I did wonder if I made the noise myself ---- but I didn't ---- my vocal cords were not feeling operational -------- if that makes any sense to you.

What did the voice say?

It wasn't even a whisper --- it was spoken loudly enough to more than wake me ---- it was a male voice, comparable to my dead Grandfather:

It said "OH". Or "O".

This was about 20 minutes ago.

Yeah ----- this NEVER happens. I was awoken by a voice.

I turned on my bedside light --- I could not see anyone.

Because of the way the voice sounded, I have some reason to suspect it was Grandpa --- and that he's now young again.

My Grandfather actually died last November I believe, shortly before Remembrance Day.

The day he died, I was in the bathroom at a store, when I started to faintly hear "The Last Post" play ------ nobody else reports having heard the song, maybe because I was just alone in the bathroom.

Anyway. Yeah.

I tried standing in the living room, having made some coffee, and saying "Hello? Hello Ghost?" ---- but there is no response --- I am not sure about how to go about doing stuff like this.

When I grew up in the church ---- the church made rumours of magical or spiritual happenings second nature. This kind of talk is what I grew up with.

I never went to the temple, but I hear a rumour that in the temple there are things they aren't supposed to talk about.

Anyway, despite being raised with stuff like this and how it became second nature --- it is just a little weird how the church put me into psychiatry with my beliefs in stuff like that. Just weird about the church yet again.

Not sure what else there is to say.  This morning I was awoken by a ghostly voice. Kind of like Grandpa.

Does this explain the coffee fairy? Just very interesting series of events.

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