Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Alternate Definitions I was taught

In a recent post, "I was over-joyed..." ------- I talk about how someone from the church finally explained to me an alternate definition of the word "forgive" which actually makes some sense. That post is now my new featured post.

I said in that post that the church would give multiple different answers about what forgiveness is.

I'll just share those here:::

In Sunday School, the teacher explained to us that forgiveness meant "Not getting angry".

Anger just wasn't allowed.

But ---- not very long after (all within my childhood) ----- My Mom absolutely lost her mind over how I was playing video games and my friend's mom lost her mind for me being a friend --------

and then these women didn't even receive the greater condemnation for their anger ------ so obviously something wasn't right with what I was taught.

Spencer W Kimball said in his book 'The Miracle of Forgiveness" that "Forgiveness is forgetting".

Also ---- this definition really doesn't make any sense.

On the church website, they basically explain that forgiveness is to not blame.

There are reasons why this definition is highly impractical and doesn't work.

And finally -------- the one definition I can have some agreement with that came from some non-official blog --------- forgiveness is not to hold grudges.

Grudges are feelings of resentment.

Therefore forgiveness is to "not feel feelings of resentment".

And that actually makes some sense.

When I learned the "no anger" definition in Sunday School ---- that Sunday School teacher wanted to make sure we knew that forgiveness did NOT mean "no punishment".

Even though in the most logical biblical sense forgiveness meant "no punishment" --- our Sunday school teacher wanted to make sure that we knew that's actually wrong.

Didn't make any sense to me.

Then she tells us it means "no anger".

But experiences after that indicated forgiveness wasn't an anger issue either, because people were absolutely being very angry and they never faced repercussions for it.

What I learned in Sunday School just didn't make any sense.

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