Monday, July 29, 2019

A Wikipedia Page for me?

I was checking my email spam-box.

Someone is offering to create a listing for me on Wikipedia.

That is exciting news.

1) My Dad's not interested in this for me ---- that's a concern.

2) They said they'd do it at 70% off ----- but they didn't say how much any actual prices really were ----- and I personally am not really super rich or anything so it's really questionable of how affordable it would be.

Being on AiSH, Alberta's local disability program ---- even with the massive increases in past years, it still gets consumed quite quickly anyway.

I have doubts that the price will be around $10-$20CAD. Maybe it is --- but I have my doubts.

Yeah ----- I didn't really make any money from my ventures ------ who knows why -------- so I am limited financially.

Anyway ---- it's exciting that I'd be famous enough for Wikipedia.

It's just that my Dad's not interested, I didn't make any money --------- and how much longer I will continue to do anything is kind of in question.

My efforts in the future might be limited to this simple blog. I'm just not really concerned with publishing anything else anymore. No point in books. I'm not the greatest musician ever, so no point there either.

As for video games ------ there might be room for me there, but I'm not really a professional so it's kind of hard to know if I'm really at a level that they'd allow in online stores ----- as well as without OUYA I'd have to pay to publish and I really have to wonder if that's worth it.

And then there's the Church ------ My patriarchal blessing told me I'd be doing stuff with the church.

I drink coffee and tea now. I kind of feel the Church isn't really fully true.

I know the church has some good-ish ideas, but having grown up in it and having experienced the organization ----- I'm not sure I want to slap my name on that organization, because I could see flaws in the whole thing that I would want to fix ------- and though I would fix problems, the simple fact is that people have a tendency to not listen to me or care what I say ---- so there's no point.

Like::: growing up, while I was still a good member and I was doing my best ------- I could have been trying to help direct my own sister ----- but she really NEVER listened to me, even if she was supposed to. And then the church didn't care if she wasn't following directions.

How famous I'll remain is in question. I guess that's point 3.

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