Monday, June 17, 2019

Pretty Good News

On Sunday Morning my Sister and her family decided to stop over at our house.

We realized my brother-in-law hadn't seen me play my guitar yet ---- so I decided to perform a little.

When I was done ----- there was a suggestion that I could find some more sheet music, and then perform a song accompanied by my niece on piano/keyboard.

We'll have to think more about what kind of music we'll play ---- but it would be an interesting experience to try to put together a performance together with my niece. I've never done that before, besides singing in a choir.

So, that's good news, and might be interesting to pursue--- a suggestion of performing with my niece who plays keyboard/piano.

When the latest iPhones were announced, I wasn't very interested --- largely because of the lack of a home button. To me, the home button made so much sense.

But recently, I figured I had chewed up the battery on my iPhone 6s too much ----- so I decided to upgrade.

I got the iPhone XR.

The iPhone 6s is puny compared to the iPhone XR.

The iPhone XR is actually pretty good, it's really nice actually ------ I wouldn't necessarily grade it 100%, again, because of the lack of a home button, so it's probably gradable at 95+% --- something like that.

I don't have any gripes with it except for some games are harder to close down because of the lack of the home button. And that Face ID is defeated by sunglasses. Other than that, it's a really nice device.

But ------ Canadians, many Canadians, are up to their eyeballs in debt according to some reports ----- and the price tag on the iPhone XR is pretty heavy --------- so that's something to consider.

I only felt ready to pay the price because I've paid all my debts and have a decent sustainable income so I can afford it. I think I'm in a special position for that reason ---- I think there are many who might not be able to afford so much. Just something to consider: your pocketbook.

Shortly after I signed up for this new phone, just today I found out my carrier is offering a promotional plan ---- a supposedly slightly lower price with supposedly better service quality.

It's tempting ---- but I don't want to mess up the computer systems by changing my plan twice in one month, so I'm thinking I might hold back on that.

But, the promotional plan might make the phone a little more affordable. That's good news.

So, to sum up this post::::

It was suggested I could perform my guitar with my niece playing piano.

iPhone 6s is puny compared to iPhone XR --- iPhone XR is pretty nice actually -

and financial situations might not be able to afford iPhone XR ---- but that might be remedied a little bit by a promotional plan my carrier currently has for sale. It's not much of savings though. It's just a little better.

I suppose I could end this post with a statement about class ---- considering I feel able to afford something that so many other people might not be able to afford.

What is my class?

Considering that I grew up pretty much lower class ---- maybe upper-lower-class -------

Being so low on the totem pole when I was young, these days I can just feel like upper class simply because of how much better I'm doing these days.

But, I'm not a millionaire. Our family now makes about $60 thousand per year.

$60 thousand per year for 4 people seems pretty middle class ----- but considering my family is out of debt now and how I grew up lower class, I can feel like I'm upper class.

It really depends on your perspective and how you measure the classes.

the income is not much to look at in comparison with others, but for me it feels great because I never had such things when I was growing up.

But, there is actually a way of measuring class that says I'm upper class simply because I have no debt.

60k is middle-class income maybe, but not having debt is upper class.

So again, I guess I feel lower-upper class or upper-middle class ------- whatever it is, I feel so much better than when I was growing up at a much lower level.

Why am I saying this? Because I watch economics videos on Youtube and it's just a relevant status report about myself.

And that's how I feel ------ without specifically being paid for so much work I did.

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