Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Goodbye OUYA. I'll miss you.

Today is the day OUYA servers shut down completely.

I was still able to access my dev portal though.

In the end, I had, as of the last count, 4009 total game downloads on the system.

The last purchase I had was in December of 2016 until yesterday evening someone actually paid for a copy of The Bananatree Brothers.

It was nice to see one last sale, although it took YEARS for it to finally happen.

Of course, last night I was looking at my specific game stats, and ICBM had an exact download count of 666 --------- so that seems like a bit of a joke. Of course, after releasing the game there was an extended period of time where it had a big bug that took me forever to fix because our family barely ever played and no one decided to drop me a bug report ----------- so of all my games, ICBM is probably the one I screwed up on the worst.

I do wonder if Razer will eventually get around to finally paying me something now that it's all over. Who knows.

I'm sad to see the OUYA go. OK --- last night I was actually feeling pretty good ----- but OUYA was so awesome it is regrettable that it didn't experience greater success.


The following has nothing to do with OUYA:::::

It's a bit of a continuation of a previous post, where I am now going to try to say something nice about people who "offended" me in the past.

So::::: as a kid my sister really gave me a hard time. But now, as an adult, she's like a completely different person. It's like a body-double replaced her kind of. My childhood was hell and torment living with the problems she created, but as an adult, she's quite a bit more reasonable and likable. I just thought I should clarify though.

I also kind of figured I might try to say something nice about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. But then I figured maybe I shouldn't touch that one with a ten-foot pole.

There are so many issues regarding the church -------- though at first when you first join it seems like exactly what you are looking for, at it sounds like something great --------- well, there are a zillion issues it took me years to find out about.

I guess I can say that their doctrine of forgiving everything has its uses. If everyone actually tried to do what the Church taught --- be perfect and forgive everything else ---- the world might actually be a much better place. Unfortunately, when I grew up I saw it over and over again that people just didn't follow what the church actually taught. They just didn't. It's like they didn't even try. That made it unliveable.

Another teaching that all indications show was a good teaching was "Give said the little stream" ----- giving is actually a very good thing in so many ways.

Also::: the church taught "Let us oft speak kind words to each other" ----- also a very good teaching.

And the simple unfortunate truth about the experience of my life in that church is people simply just did not actually follow the teachings.

Teachings were to be found left right and centre ---- we were indoctrinated ---- and some of it was pretty good --------

But in so many ways, people just didn't actually follow it ------ which means what I experienced in that church is not actually how that church was actually meant to be ----- so who knows how it would turn out if people actually tried what they were supposed to do.

They kept on saying "I know it's true".

But I didn't get to know if it was true simply because people didn't follow the rules, and since people didn't even follow the rules I didn't get the find out the outcome of the "truth".

So:::: the church probably shouldn't be touched with a ten-foot pole in the end ------ but they did try to teach some good ideas, which the membership pretty much typically didn't actually seem to follow ------ so the whole thing was largely pointless in the end.

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