Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Good and Moral Thing to Do

This evening I finally paid off my debts in full. Once and for all.

I no longer have a credit card. This will make it a lot easier to live as I intend -- debt free.

And I have to say::: it feels WONDERFUL to not be burdened by knowing I owe someone.

I feel emotionally/spiritually a lot better now.

It appears there's some kind of spiritual or psychological phenomena where if I don't owe anyone I can now concern my mind with enjoying life and doing fun stuff --- like staying up all night and playing video games.

When I owed ---- my spirit felt the urge to work.

Now that I do not owe ---- I can stay up all night and have fun.

I am well aware from experience of both good and "bad" psychological states ---- I believe there is a spiritual aspect of feeling liberated when debts are paid.

Anyway ----- I spent about $9 on the lottery today.

One part of me was feeling foolish for having "wasted" that money.

The other part of me wanted to have some fun.

But now that I'm feeling liberated, I realize that playing the lottery, as long as you only play with what you can afford to lose, is actually a good and moral thing to do.

Why do I say this?

If you win ---- there you've just won the lottery, enjoy your life.

If you lose ---- You just paid your taxes!! And this is NOT a bad thing!

Help the government pay its debt ---- support social services!

My old young men's leader I remember would shame me about stuff like this --- shame me for playing the lottery ------

But I feel good and proud of myself for having paid some extra tax. This is actually a morally GOOD thing to do.

Play only with what you can afford to lose, however. And to know this value, that means keeping a budget.

Yeah ---- this blog post is to say, that in Canada at least, it is actually a good and moral thing to do to play the Lottery.

You are supporting social services. You are balancing the budget. You are paying the provincial debt.

Just live within your means and play with what you can afford. Enjoy life.

I was feeling foolish about losing $9, but I feel better, I feel better after justifying it in my mind knowing it's going to do something good for my countryman.

It's kind of like being shamed throughout your teens for normal male hormonal urges and releasing them all by yourself ------- but then you find out that it's absolutely normal and that releasing it by yourself is probably the best way of dealing with the issue.

The morality I was taught in my youth seems a little crooked.

Second thought has helped me realize a whole different mental reality, where I can feel good about myself for doing things that the "moral authority" previously shunned.

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