Friday, May 24, 2019

Something Strange

I've been up since about 2am --- it's now 5:09am.

A few minutes ago I was looking out my window and saw, in the darkness of the sky, a sizeable white light ---- to me it seemed like the moon, and though it didn't totally seem like the moon--- I figured it must've been the moon.

Just a moment ago I leaned against the window sill and just looked at this white light in the sky.

And then ---- it just, uh, just got smaller and disappeared.

Yeah. That's not the moon.

The moon just doesn't vanish like that.

I know it sounds really, really strange for me to tell this story ---- but this is what I saw----

A white light in the dark sky, and after leaning against the window sill and inspecting it closely ---- it just vanished.

It was a pretty big white light too ---- comparable to the moon.

Combined with my personal improved eyesight (which I've tested again this morning --- yeah, my "bad" eye is getting better) and recent auditory hallucinations, which we experienced together as a family -------


I heard sometimes these things should be kept to oneself.

But this blog is like my journal, so this is where I'll record my sighting.

I know:::: it's kind of way out in left field -------- but I know what I just experienced, and with the fact that my "bad" eye has improved I really have to wonder.



I was just sitting and standing in my front yard for the past 20 minutes.

yes --- I noticed some aircraft fly overhead,

But the sun was a little strange to me.

I know ---- this is weird ---- first the moon seems strange to me, and now the sun ------

Hours ago when the "moon" just quickly got smaller and disappeared ---- that was weird. The sun would be coming up soon in the same direction of sky so it couldn't have been an eclipse. (I believe the direction I'm pointed is East).

Maybe a cloud covered the moon? But clouds don't usually go that fast ------

so on to thinking about how odd the sun is as I was looking in its direction-----

So::: usually the sun is blindingly bright, even with sunglasses, and there's no real point in looking at it -------

But I guess there must've been some cloud cover or something because as I looked in the direction of the sun I could see a big round "object" in that direction, and I thought it was weird how it "was the sun" but I didn't look nearly bright enough.

Usually, the sun is just blinding.  But I guess with some cloud cover and my sunglasses on ---- I was able to look directly at a round shape that was bearable for my eyes.

It's strange:::: the sun is usually so completely bright looking at it would be blinding and you'd just see a great blurry hugely bright light.

But somehow what I was looking at in that direction of the sky was viewable ---- I saw it was a very round circular shape ---- not like you'd normally expect to see the sun -----

it either was the sun or near when the sun should be ----- so the cloud cover and sunglasses made it viewable.

I even looked directly at it through my 8x monocular. I was viewable ---- and not overly too bright, which was just kind of strange.

When I went to grab my cell phone camera to take a picture ----- I came back outside ---- and the sun was back to being itself again, a bigh bright way too bright blurry image you can't see clearly with any hope.

And this all happened within 20 minutes ---- the part where I went from looking at it with my monocular to going to grab my phone being, again, a very short period of time for the clouds to move.

So::::: I'm not thinking I fully understand::::

It was like a crescent moon in the eastern sky that just quickly shrank and disappeared ----

and then a very round viewable object where the sun should be in the sky but the sun wasn't blinding me at that time at that viewpoint.

Just strange. It doesn't totally make sense. Not to me at least.

The moon doesn't usually just disappear like that.

While the sun is usually way too bright ----- so it's weird how I was seeing a big circle in the sky with the help of cloud cover and sunglasses. way too strange.

And yeah --- I noticed aircraft passing overhead today too.

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