Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Reconciliation is a blessing

I think the "mystic forces of 'God'" may smile upon a good reconciliation. Why?

I may have had a really hard time growing up --- my sister didn't make it easy ----

But now as an adult, she and I get along fine. We are a happier family now.

When I remember how bad things were, I may start feeling down -----

But when I feel reconciled with someone I had animosity with ----- I think there are spiritual benefits.

Like ----- the reconciliation might be making the Universe more receptive to my requests for good eyesight.

My eyesight is perceptibly seemingly getting better.

Of course, I've stopped wearing my prescription lenses, and now I'm protecting my eyes from UV rays with sunglasses ---- but my one eye which I call my "bad" eye seems to be getting better.

Maybe there's no real connection between a happy reconciled family and better eyesight ----- but I'm personally guessing the good environment I'm living in now is beneficial and supportive to a healing environment.

Other things to note:::

In the past two weeks, I've experienced 3 or 4 auditory hallucinations.

The thing though::: Two of those hallucinations I experienced were also heard by my family with me.

Yup ---- it's the strangest thing -------

There is absolutely zero idea where those sounds came from, no idea why we heard them or how they existed ----- but we DID hear them. Together.

So yeah ------

Reconciling with ancient animosities may produce a beneficial spiritual environment,

where health gets better (such as better eyesight, which has been a request of mine)

And we get to experience auditory hallucinations together as a family.


No idea why we heard those sounds but we DID hear them. It's the strangest thing. And there's no easy answer for how.

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