Sunday, May 5, 2019

Organized Confusion

Earlier today I thought about writing about a recent "spiritual/psychological" experience I felt I had --- but then decided against saying anything because it might just seem weird.

But:::: Just a little while ago ----- the gears in my head were turning and I realized even more about just how confusing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is.

Shortly after the publication of the first edition of my first book, I received an email from an old Young Men's leader I will refer to as "Cody Finn".

In this email, he told me he would NOT read my book, and listed all kinds of little criticisms he had against me for why he would not read it, such as talk about masturbation, buying lottery tickets and saying bad words.

So::::: Cody Finn made it clear::::: He feels he can criticize me for these little things I do or talk about.

After the Publication of Letters to Whomever (where Cody Finn's message can be found) ---- I was offering free books at a party my brother attended.

At this party, another Elder was giving me lip about how he would not be reading my books because I was critical of things that went wrong.

So:::: One Elder refuses to read my book because of his criticisms against me ---- while the other elder denounced criticism altogether and refused to read my book because he felt it was critical.


I have to say::: I am confused.

One Elder takes a position where he feels he can criticize me for little and mostly meaningless things, while the other elder absolutely refuses to accept any form of criticism.


BOTH of these two different parties in the same church absolutely refused to read the book.

Obviously, because of their refusal to listen to my viewpoints and experiences, and because they refused to reimburse me for all the money I spent on publication ------ they were NOT loving.

Jesus taught "love one another".

These are two opposing parties in the same church with two different philosophies (one allows criticism, the other doesn't) who used the church to justify their positions, yet neither of them was actually loving

Maybe a reason I like Avril Lavigne so much is because she is a loving and caring person ----- so it's interesting that she impresses me because of the love she gives --------- and it's also interesting that the church did not allow her even though she is the one who loved, and all indications show that the church, that claims love, does not actually love.

Anyway, this blog post is just to show or illustrate how I encountered two members of the church I knew and both of them refused to read my books each using completely opposite philosophes ---- One being very critical, the other not allowing any criticism.

That is really ---- really confusing. I'm not quite sure I understand what the church is going for here.

Anyway --- it's supposed to be the one true church, yet they were unloving despite Jesus' teaching and both refused to read my book for completely opposite reasons.

Makes no sense. It just doesn't make sense. It's one church, but they aren't even uniform in how they approach a topic. Only the rejection was uniform.

How am I supposed to operate in a church where one part of it is very petty and will criticize tiny things while the other part of it won't allow any form of criticism at all. It doesn't even make sense how this church even exists, to be honest.

And yeah --- it's just too bad that altogether they completely lacked the love to actually read my book and hear my viewpoint on what I experienced. Really too bad. Ignorance.

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