Monday, May 27, 2019

Not Ready For Busking

Today my parents were out in the yard, gardening. There were workers a number of meters away working on something.

I decided I would pull out my guitar and play some music.

I don't have a busking ID yet ---- but I figure I should be OK just playing for my own family on our own property.

(By the way ---- on the city website they just called it a busking ID or something like that ---- is this ID actually some kind of permit or license? I mean, if it's a permit or license that would be good to know because simply calling it just an ID is very vague--- it implies it might not be totally required --- if it is actually a permit or license, that implies it is required).

Anyway --- I figured it'd be OK to play my guitar for my own family on my own property ----

Now ---- normally when I play my guitar, alone in my bedroom ---- I have no problem remembering what to do ------- beyond not being 100% trained in music, I sound quite decent performing alone.

But ----- true to experience every other time I've tried to play for my family ------

Part way through O Canada I lost my concentration.

Yup. Just forgot where I was going with that tune.

I was able to play my other songs just fine ------ and in my bedroom afterward I played O Canada all by myself just fine ---------

but for some reason, when I'm performing for other people, I am far more likely to make mistakes.

Even if I'm just performing in front of a camera that's just for family ----- I make mistakes.

I get so nervous and lose my concentration.

So, I'm not ready for busking yet.

Also::: Another reason why I don't think I'm ready for busking is that I know only a handful of songs.

My repertoire of music is so small I'd become too repetitive really quickly.

So yeah ---- in personal practise in my bedroom I can play the songs I know 100% ------

but when I play for other people I seem pretty much destined to screw up somehow.


As for that lucky winning streak I had on the lottery for a while ------

I did tell my Mom about it. That's when things went wrong. (this was a few weeks ago).

My mom REFUSES to ask for God's help in making money.

So:::: for whatever the reason, the lucky winning streak ended after I told her about the winning streak.

Not the brightest move I could make.

My telepathy and empathy bring to my awareness this idea that people are really quite unhappy about something ----- which is to be expected in the LDS Church considering how that church typically responds to lotteries.

I don't find my Mom's or the Church's position to be the smartest --- but I also can't control them.

Part of the problem I have in my family is that when I tried sharing and teaching The Secret/The Law of Attraction with my parents, but they decided to reject that doctrine and lifestyle.

I know, it's strange, isn't it? My Parents raised me in the church --- my Mom is very religious ---- and yet they reject a lifehack that comes straight out of the scriptures.

Yeah --- not the smartest stuff ever.

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