Monday, May 20, 2019

My Own Failings

So over the weekend to today, I was able to think about my own failings.

I looked at 4 big categories in my life and realized I failed in all 4.

1) I failed in my religious life. Although --- the religion was questionable itself in the end.

2) I failed in my school life.

3) I failed in my love life.

4) I failed in my work life.

How much I failed may be a matter of opinion ---- but the reason I say I "failed" is because I did not reach the hoped-for end state.

I also thought today about one stupid bad experience I had, but I'll try to forget it again.

The good news is that I do have some level of "talent" -- or whatever you want to call it.

I rescued my Dad on his computer today.

The reason I got so interested in computers is that my father spent years of his life working with computers throughout his career.

He's getting older -- so I'm not sure he has it all together, and now my help is basically a necessity just to navigate him through some issues which I would personally regard as only mildly confusing--- but apparently too confusing for him.

Sometimes I wonder if I really am not related to this family I've been living with.

We are all different, but in some ways, it just seems like I don't really fit in with the family I've grown up with.

So yeah::: despite all my failures in life, it's looking like I'm the family computer "expert" ----- I'm the only one with the right head on my shoulders for understanding certain things.

So::: I failed in life ---- for any number of reasons ------- but I'm adept enough to be the family computer expert.

The issue was simple for me to fix, but it seems like my Dad's mind was blown by the whole issue.

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