Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Introversion and a Loyalty

I'm beginning this blog post as a reminder that I AM INTROVERTED ----- so many phone calls we receive get screened and if I meet someone in person I often have nothing to say. Even if they want to talk.

So::: I'm just not a people-person, I guess you could say ----- A lot of my socializing is done in a group of people in my immediate family group and other necessary areas of life.

Like:::: Sometimes someone who claims to be a beautiful girl on Facebook will friend request me ---- I often reject these requests ----- especially because the internet is kind of a hard place to determine if you'll really like someone and so on ----- and especially as I'm not fully interested in relationships, at least right now.

On another note:::: Avril Lavigne has reminded us that this is Lyme Awareness Month --- something like that.

On Twitter, she posted something she wanted us to share about spreading Lyme Awareness and handing out flyers.

I'm afraid making mention of this will have to suffice on my blog alone -----


Well, 1) Maybe it's laziness, but maybe its also 2) the simple fact that Avril's community wasn't the most accepting of me. Avril herself is very friendly, and seemed very accepting of me ---- but some population of her other fans did not view me very well, so maybe I should just stay away on this one.

it's kind of hard to want to do some menial task for someone, even if you love them, if that someone's friends are not being kind.

I may love Jesus --- but if the church is unfriendly, then so much for that.

Another example is this:::::

There's one girl who I suspect wanted a relationship with me when I was young ---- but I rejected her.

Why? Because she was friends with my Sisters. I didn't even try to go for this one.

You see ----- One of my sisters didn't treat me very well when we were growing up ----- so if a girl is friends with my sisters, that was a big sign she's not compatible with me.

These days, maybe this rule doesn't apply so much anymore --- but when I was young it was important:::

The kind of idea is this::: with how badly my sister treated me, it's a choice between being her friend, or being my friend. I mean, are you interested in me for me--- or are you interested in me because you are friends with someone I can't stand to be around?

yeah ----- it might be tough to be interested in me and get that kind of response ---- but hey, that's life.

My sisters are far more acceptable to me these days, but yeah ---- just examples of how messed up things can be when friends of friends aren't being kind.

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