Monday, May 13, 2019


Yesterday I felt like saying something, and will only say it now because I have other things to say in this post:::

I don't really see sales if I have them.

I can speculate that the government takes my money and redistributes it to help people participating in the disability program I'm on. This is only speculation however. -- I'm not certain.

I have sketchy sources of information that give numbers that may back up my theory (because it does kind of add up) ------ so it's potentially true in my mind, but not confirmed.

And on to other things::::

Today I had two ideas!!!

One was a software idea.

The other was a carpentry idea ---- although maybe a little bit of engineering may be involved too.

It's exciting to have such good ideas of things I could do -------

but to do the software idea I can't help but wonder if I should have completed my Computer Science degree ------

and for the carpentry idea, I'll have to wait probably at least about 3 months before I can get the money together to potentially make a prototype.

Earlier this month I borrowed some money from my Dad and used it to pay off my credit card ---- and then I closed my credit card account.

I have to pay my Dad back before I can think about accumulating funds for any big projects.

That's the simplest way I can say what's on my mind.

The big reason I'm writing this post is just because of my excitement at having two good ideas in one day.

Although ------ because of mental/educational limitations one project might have to wait while the other has a big funding problem right now.

I'm probably just going to put these ideas "on the shelf" and try to remember them later. And maybe I'll forget. Who knows.

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