Saturday, April 20, 2019

TRYING to talk to a mental health professional


A little while back I switched from using my Gmail to using an iCloud address to talk to someone who worked in the mental health clinic about problems in my life.

You know, life has problems, sometimes one just feels like talking about it and getting it off my chest.

Well, today I tried sending an email about how messed up one aspect of my life was --------

And just moments ago, I learned that Apple would not even send the message to my mental health friend, supposedly something about "mail abuse".

I don't know if it's because I've sent too much email, or if it's because it contained "abuse" keywords -------

But yeah ---- growing up I was pretty much abused so much ------ and I'm trying to talk about it with a mental health practitioner -------------

And Apple won't even send the message now.

Everything I said in the message is 100% TRUE or is true as far as I am aware from my experiences.

But it's apparently not allowed for me to talk to my mental health friend about it.


I get mistreated throughout my life growing up, I have issues as an adult ---- and now I'm finding out that I'm not even allowed to talk to my mental health practitioner about it. Wow.

This is so messed up.

And no --- I looked at the returned mail ------ it was NOT the hospital that rejected the message ------ it was APPLE who wouldn't SEND the message.

I guess I might have to go back to Gmail to discuss my heartbreaks.


I just had a closer look at the email that said my messsage couldn't be delivered::::

It looks like it was blocked by a Trend Micro Email Reputation Service on the clinic's side ------

what this means is that iCloud servers are sometimes used by some people to send Spam ---- so now the hospital is just blocking the iCloud servers altogether.

That's what it is. It's a server-level blocker that sees that iCloud has a bad reputation and blocks all iCloud messages.

OK then. Huh.

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