Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Things To Do

For quite a while, I would feel incomplete - as if my life lacked something, and I needed to fill a hole.

Last Saturday and on Sunday --- that hole was filled.

I'm getting hooked on Soccer. Only two games into the Season, two games into the League --- and I have good enjoyment just sitting there and watching, cheering for whom I choose.

So::: with the soccer watching, with the guitar, I am feeling fulfilled, especially as my Sister is doing more by expanding her beehives. There's stuff to do. I am happy.

And then today I realized that I haven't done much to get my Bananatree games ready for release on the Ultra game store when that arrives.

Yeah ----- I've been completely misplacing my funds when it comes to re-developing for a new game store ---- with all the guitars I've bought, plus repairs, plus a season pass to the CPL -------- I've got all the funding I could need to do what I need to do -------- but I'm being distracted from releasing on the Ultra store.

I know I actually can't even guarantee that I ever will release a game on that store ----- there are too many details I am unaware of at this time.

If this Ultra store is only for PC ----- then I'll have to buy a PC or at least a Windows operating system. I might be considered at the level of a hobbyist ---- so if anything goes over my head technical wise, that may be a problem.

The main points of this post are to say that I now feel I'm living a fulfilled life, now that I've found a soccer League to watch ------- and my realization that I should kick into gear about releasing on Ultra but I've been completely misplacing my funds in order to do that.

And yeah, I still want to write less. But I just felt I had to give this little update about my gaming ideas.

Ultra can be found at ultra.io.

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