Thursday, April 4, 2019

That O Canada Sheet Music was actually right after all

Having discovered my new technique of translating a tablature into letter-music,

I used the technique on that copy of O Canada I bought.

While it is true that the chords on the sheet music were in fact not O Canada,

the tablature, on the other hand, is very much O Canada.

I was NOT ripped off after all. yay!!! I apologize for my previous assessment of the sheet music.

I'm going to have to wait for my electric guitar strings to come though::::

The style of the way I would play the song requires a special guitar body that allows me to reach high F-sharp and high G on the D-string -----

So my Dreadnought-bodied acoustic guitar isn't going to work for this.

I have to wait for my electric strings.

And maybe someday way down the line, I can buy one of those special acoustic guitars that allows the hand to easily reach the high notes.

So yeah::::

I APOLOGIZE for commenting solely on the chords on the sheet music without having tried the tablature yet to find out that it was actually good sheet music. Sorry.

Yeah, my O Canada sheet music turned out to have good value after all.


I would like to note, that maybe the Chords are meant to be played with a Capo ---- but the sheet music does not say where to put it.


I managed to get past the part where high-F Sharp is played ----- but shortly after that part the music starts sounding in a way that makes me think ????

Maybe I just translated it into Letter-music wrong.

Maybe O Canada just gets a little bit dull during the middle -------

But after a certain point in the music I've got here, it sounds more like mush than O Canada.

I'm not sure exactly what it is or if I've made a mistake or something. Hmmmmm.

No idea, I might have to ask someone else's opinion.

But, the good news is, I can now play the first part of O Canada. Woohoo.

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