Friday, April 5, 2019

Recreating the Pfhonge Theme on Guitar

I decided to sit down and translate the music for the Pfhonge Theme into letter music.

Pfhonge was my first game on OUYA and the only game I made my own music for.

I thought O Canada was getting high with the high-G and high-F-sharp ---------

Well, the Pfhonge theme goes a whole octave higher and gets to what I'll call the "Super-High-B".

So:::: the G-String is now essential on my guitar.

But, even so, it's hard to get to the super-high-b on the G-String on my dreadnought shaped acoustic guitar.

And though my electric guitar might have a different body that allows my hand to reach those super-high notes ----

my G-String is broken on my electric guitar and I still have to wait a while for new strings to come in the mail.

So::::: I just have to wait for new electric guitar strings.

And if I want to play the Pfhonge theme without an amplifier handy, I will have to get one of those acoustic guitars that allows your hand to get to the really high notes.

Yeah --- unfortunately, my acoustic guitar is a more traditional shape that doesn't have that cut-out for the hand. Doh.

Other than being unable to reach super-high-b however, Pfhonge is coming along fine.


SO::: I received some funding.

With that funding, I decided to go to a local store and buy some new electric guitar strings --- so I don't have to wait a long time for my Amazon shipment.

I installed the new G-String.

Works like a charm.

I can now play the Pfhonge Theme pretty well on my guitar.

I am now wondering if I should record the song, and upload it in another Youtube video.

It might make sense.

I am just so happy to now be better at guitar than I've ever been before.

I have an understanding of the fretboard, and I'm able to maneuver it - at least in a pre-written song sense.


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