Thursday, April 18, 2019

More or less fixed.

As a beginning note::::

This time, with my Dad and I think my brother as witnesses, I again got the reassurance from my Mom that she refuses to ask God for help making money.

So::: It doesn't matter if I'm asking for a million dollars or just a few thousand dollars::: My Mom absolutely refuses to pray for such things.

She has some kind of religious reasoning based on her Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to explain why ---- except as she was talking about her religious belief on the issue it still didn't exactly actually explain why anyway ----- all she said is something about paying tithing and getting all her great blessings from that -------- apparently paying tithing is the only way to ask for blessings or something, I don't know, she never really explained it.

Basically, it must've been something about how paying tithing gives her great blessings and she won't even bother trying to ask for more ---- something like that.

So yeah::: now my Dad and probably my brother have witnessed her talking about this too.

The thing is::::

As we know, my Mom refuses to ask God for money.

I grew up being very poor.

Growing up was actually a miserable experience.


If I had wanted to serve a mission, I would need money to serve the mission.

But my Mom seriously just refuses to ask God for money.

Seeing as how I was very poor, I couldn't serve a mission if I wanted to. By not asking God for help, we aren't getting anywhere:::


I've had several products up for sale for years -------- and never really made money.

I have all the opportunity to make money, but my Mom seriously just can't ask God for help.

There is absolutely ZERO POINT in even trying to work if you seriously just can't be bothered to even ask God for help.

So:::: There are ways to be become happy and well off. I just happen to be born into a family where the Mother has some messed up religious beliefs that seem to tell her she's not allowed to ask God for help.

And finally, I will also note:::::::

I pray for more than just myself to make money. I pray for my other family members AND MY INLAWS to make money.


Today my Sister and her husband received a lump sum payment that allows them to completely wipe out all their debts.

It is entirely worthwhile to ask God for help, and I'm 100% sure asking God does help and has brilliant results ---------

But my Mom just can't seem to accept that asking God for help is the way to go. She said something about paying her tithing being all she really needs to get all her great blessings.


As for my guitar::::

A replacement tuning machine arrived today.

It is functionally excellent, and cosmetically it will have to do.

It's almost the same as the original tuning machine, except it's not broken and the tuning key itself is slightly different. But it works.

So I'm happy.

Having taken the old tuning machine of the guitar, I showed it to my Dad.

There are two ways to fix the broken tuning machine itself that we can see are potential options::

1) Unscrew the stripped Cog, turn it upside down, and screw it back in again. This is a potential fix, though we haven't tried yet.

2) Look for a new replacement Cog of the same type when shopping. This might be like searching for a needle in a haystack, but it might be doable.

Maybe:::: Maybe I could try taking apart the other tuning machine I received today and take the Cog out of that if it's the right kind---- this MIGHT work ------- but the issue here is the used replacement machines are slightly different and are more solid so they're harder to take apart I think.

So::: The guitar works, more or less, and I'm happy with that. This is a pretty amiable result, even if I probably voided my warranty.

The guitar does actually seem very, very new, except for the slight damage I found which might have been my own fault.

So::: what did the store mean when they called it "vintage"?

It seems so new, though slightly broken.

It's a very nice guitar ----- either new or mostly well taken care of ---------

Is it actually some kind of vintage old guitar that one can only expect might be broken,

or was "vintage" just a word in the name of the guitar and it's actually new and it's my own fault something's wrong?

it's so hard to know.

Just interesting that it wasn't a corner tuner that was broken, and that there was only one broken tuner.

Might've been my own fault ---- but also might not have been.

Big mystery.

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