Sunday, April 7, 2019

I've Ordered my Third Guitar

My Maestro by Gibson Acoustic Guitar just doesn't easily let my hand reach the higher notes on the fretboard.

This just wouldn't do for me.

I decided to buy a new guitar --- an acoustic guitar that allows my hand to reach the higher notes.

I had my eyes on a Fender that costs about $500CAD.

But then I realized that there's an Epiphone that would also meet the requirements of the job at hand and it only cost about $300.

I struggled with this question.

The Fender is blue. The Fender had fancy electronics.

The Epiphone was not blue, and though it's an acoustic/electric hybrid, the same electronics did not seem to be installed.

I asked my Magic 8 Ball several questions. Each time it just said, "Don't count on it".

I prayed to God.

The best inspirational advice I could feel myself receive was to listen to my own values in my song "What I Want" and be more frugal.

So, I ordered the Epiphone. Saved about $200. It'll do the job.

I was so freakin' tempted by the Fender though.

So yeah.

Getting my third guitar.

Not that many people listen to my Youtube Videos of me playing ---- but, I can still just play for my family, and I have to say --- guitars sure are fun, so yeah, I just need an upgrade.

And this morning I learned how to play Three Blind Mice. Yup. It was a pretty quick process.

In other news:::::::

My family likes playing Settlers of Catan. I think my Mom really looks forward to these games ever since I bought the game and introduced my parents to it earlier this year.

But ---- I think my Mom has kind of become "the Empress of Catan" ----- as our mother, she feels it's her responsibility to enact some law enforcement in the game ---- there are two laws ------

Actually using the thief or building an army are very frowned upon,

As well as if you have a port expect to be letting other players use it for free --- my Mom won't let us charge a commission for the use of the port one may own.

Yeah. Especially with the thief and army --- those aspects of the game are very much part of the rules in the game ------ but my Mom just frowns on it. I guess there's one expansion pack we won't be buying.

And finally, I have an old friend from the Church who has invited me to watch General Conference. She invited me to actually go with her family to Conference, but I was content just to let her know I'd listen to it in my own home.

So, I've gotten through the Saturday Morning and Afternoon sessions.

My commentary? I guess these Mormon leaders are trying to do their best with their church with what they have.

I remember one of the speakers was saying something about how God tries to bring joy, happiness, and peace into our lives, while Satan tries to make everyone miserable.

But for me personally, it doesn't matter how you cut it ----- if this is what the truth really is, then I can't help but feel my life's history in the past in that church was antagonized by wolves in sheep's clothing.

If the truth is that God is pro-happiness and Satan is pro-misery, it very much seems that some kind of Satanic force had infiltrated the church when I was there.

And maybe that's all I've been complaining about all this time. Who knows.

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