Wednesday, April 10, 2019

I've got my new guitar and I think I've figured out a problem

I previously had posted "I"ve got my new guitar" as the most recent post.

I deleted it.

There was a problem with my guitar, but at the time of the post, I think I had almost completely misdiagnosed it.

I thought the B-String was a G-String.

After researching on Youtube, I found what may be the actual answer.

A washer in my tuning key mechanism is broken.

Yes ---- I actually unscrewed a screw, took off the head of the tuning key, looked at the washer ---- and it's broken.

According to this Youtube video, that's EXACTLY what the problem is.

I'm going to go to a guitar shop sometime to see if I can buy new materials or get a repair if possible.

In the meantime ----- I only use the B String for chords so far, so a lot of the songs I know I play by plucking so I don't need the B String entirely.

yes ---- the C chord sounds weird without a properly tuned B String, but I can play my plucking music without the B String just fine.

Something about my brain:::::

I am seemingly getting better and recovering from my mental illness issues -------

But I've found that easy songs I should have memorized by now seem to get confused in my mind in how to play them.

It's easy for me to make mistakes ---- there's still some confusion in my mind.

Just so you know how bad the "confusion" can be like when my mental illness was at it's worst:::

Math problems were extremely difficult to figure out because somehow my brain was getting confused about the values of numbers and how to apply the operations.

Yup ---- I don't know what it was, but simply calculating numbers in my head was a problem because for some reason there was confusion in my mind about how to do it --------

Which was really strange because I had been a top math student for so long.

The best guess for how my brain got broken is this::::

There was a lot of crap I was putting up with in my life, including my sisters and their friends deliberately trying to drive me crazy:::: the law of attraction took effect I'm sure.

They asked for the wrong thing. And I was the victim.

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