Thursday, April 11, 2019

Is this poor karma?

Well, either my family has some bad karma or else we must've been cursed somehow --- although I'm feeling better now.

My new guitar says it is guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship.

It is definitely a very fine instrument ---- it is absolutely gorgeous.

So why is the B-string-tuning mechanism stripped and therefore not fully functional?

I had it shipped to me from a different province ---- did it get damaged on the journey? Or did I make a mistake in handling it? (which means the materials are actually kind of poor if my 10 seconds of wear and tear had that kind of effect).

Whatever it is:::: I can feel like we must've been cursed or maybe we have bad karma, because::::

My Dad's problems are a little bit worse than mine right now. It's not a huge, huge problem,

but one of his hobby took a bad turn, and he also had another recent difficulty.

To be honest, these really aren't big problems,

But seeing as how my new guitar, his hobby, and his other problem ----- yeah, things aren't quite going our way right now.

Not huge problems, but there's enough of them that I have to wonder how the metaphysical laws are applying to us.

But, the problems aren't THAT Big, so we're still pretty good ----- I should be able to obtain a replacement tuning mechanism. And today I bought something that was on sale that I didn't know it was on sale so that was a pleasant surprise.

My new guitar definitely has a "deeper" or "richer" sound than my original Maestro acoustic ----- so without the B-String this must be comparable to playing an Acoustic Bass guitar.

Yeah - I actually removed the B-String, I didn't want to have that string in the way if it wasn't going to sound right.

I am all eager to have fun with my guitar ------ but at the same time I just have to patiently wait to see about a new mechanism. In that way, this is kind of torturous.

So, there are three possibilities:::

1) On Youtube, they reported that Gibson (owner of Epiphone, I believe) has had quality control issues. I'm pretty sure that's what they were saying on Youtube.

2) Maybe something happened during delivery.

3) And this is kind of pathetic if my 10 seconds of wear and tear damaged the B-mechanism that much.

I just feel so much like I want to play this, but it feels so incomplete. I just have to be patient. So eager for my new toy but so much waiting to do at the same time. It's just not right.

I'm going to need a new carrying case for this guitar (assuming I can fix it) ----- it does not fit in the Maestro's gig bag. It seems a bit too long/tall.

The interesting thing is that though there was been this much gone wrong in just a short period of time ----- I am actually feeling quite good.

I feel clean about it.

I'll just say that I might kind of feel my family might even deserve its misfortune ----- I have a personal viewpoint where I don't really actually approve of my own family a whole lot.

Of course, I get along with them, and I am kind, and I live peacefully with them --------

But I think there's enough wrong with my family that I don't actually feel bad when bad things happen to us. I feel we kind of deserve it.

I want to live my life as happily as possible ------- but I can't control my family, and I find I don't approve of some of their choices.

I think I am as far away from "racist" as one might be ----- I have more problems with my own group than any other group, whilst I donate to people in other countries all the time. So, therefore I cannot be considered racist, I don't think. I am actually quite humble about the situation in my own group of people.

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