Wednesday, April 3, 2019

I just learned another song!

I am becoming really quite the bard.

After playing the last song I learned pretty much to death, I decided it was time to learn something new.

I taught myself and memorized how to play "Good King Wenceslas" --- all in one afternoon and evening.

It's a bit of a process:::::

The tablature provided in my book of music shows a way to play the music --- but it's not the BEST way to play the music.

What I did was I translated the tablature in the book into hand-written musical-letter-notes, and from there I redid my own tablature on the fly.

The truth is:::: For many notes on the guitar fretboard::: there is MORE THAN ONE way to play most of them.

I just figured out what the notes were and play them in a way that makes sense to me.

I have to say::::

Growing up, this song always seemed so impressive, but now that I can actually play it, I'm like: "Really? That's all this is?"

I am really quite amazed at myself now. I've finally developed a musical skill.

When I was growing up, our family didn't really have musical instruments except for an electronic piano keyboard my sister had --- but didn't play very much as far as I know.

But now I'm having a blast with guitar, my one sister's daughter is doing piano and my other sister is having her family learn Ukelele. It's absolutely awesome.

We didn't have this as kids. I guess we really missed out.

I don't particularly want to name all the songs I play because I don't want any trolls coming along and giving me any guff about copyrights ------- For one, if the song is in the music book, I just accept a liberty of being able to play it in the comfort of my own home ------ and second, other songs are public domain, even if they weren't for a while, and so on.

If I play a cover on Youtube, I'll be sure to make sure it's allowed first. Don't worry. I found out there's a way to check the Youtube database to find out what songs you can and cannot use in your videos including yes or nos on cover song videos.


Anyway::::: Yes, I feel awesome now that I've figured out some music skills.

I've had a guitar for almost a year now ------- but it took me a while to really start to understand the fretboard and move beyond chords.

It's a learning experience.

And I'd very much recommend looking into it --- it IS fun.

I never thought I'd get this far when I was young. I've amazed myself now.

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