Saturday, April 13, 2019

I feel stupid

I looked at the Lifetime Limited Warranty for Epiphone Guitars online -----

By fixing this problem myself, I'll be voiding my warranty.

Although, I also feel it might be wrong to fix it at Epiphone's expense since there is a possibility that the damage might have been caused by myself making a mistake.

I just feel so stupid about this ----- Gorgeous brand new guitar and ------ one slip and now it needs a little fixing.

Fixing it myself voids the warranty, while it's not necessarily moral to make Epiphone fix it since they might have nothing to do with what went wrong.

There is a local repair shop I might be able to go to get it fixed ----- but if I have to wait oh so long before this is whole again ---- well, I'm trying to be patient, but it's hard.

Before I can even take it to the repair shop I'll have to get a bag to carry it in first. I might also want to have some money available to pay for repairs if necessary.

That's only IF I fix it at a repair shop.

There's a high probability that I can just fix it myself --- but again, I must wait, and then void my warranty.

I just feel so stupid.

And I have to admit:::::  The damage may very well be my own fault. I may have been a bit negligent.

The only thing about blaming myself for the break is that it didn't take a whole lot to cause this problem. I had it for pretty much less than 20 minutes and was only tuning it for the first time when I found the B String wouldn't tune properly.

It might be my own fault, but who knows.

My options aren't very good, and they all involve waiting at least for days or weeks.

I feel so stupid now.

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