Thursday, April 11, 2019

Finally 100% Diagnosed the Problem

So I figured the problem with my B String must've been the string itself, and then I determined it was actually a washer -----

but then I tested a different washer from another part of the guitar and nothing changed ---- the washer wasn't the problem --------

So I took the tuning mechanism off the guitar completely and had a look inside.

The gears inside the tuning mechanism were stripped pretty bad in one area ----- so when I put it back together, I found that it kept slipping the pitch of the string at the same location over again.

I am going to need a new tuning mechanism.

I'm not yet sure about finding one online. So I wonder if a local repair shop might be able to help.

To be clear::: with the songs that I can play without the B String ----- this guitar is absolutely beautiful. I love it. It's wonderful.

It's just a matter of finding a new tuning mechanism now, whether the repair shop installs it or I do it myself.

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