Friday, March 15, 2019

Sharing With Family

This morning I decided to share bits of my theory from yesterday with my Father and Mother.

My father told me I was "hallucinating" ---- which is really weird because hallucinations have nothing to do with this ------- maybe the right word was "delusional" ---- except this can't be a delusion either because I'm well aware that it's just a theory and it may not be true.

My mom, initially, didn't view it as likely either.

But I had to explain to her that many people who become millionaires are bankrupt before long --- it's possible that the bank is actually keeping my money safe even from myself

A while ago I lent my copies of the books "The Secret" and "The Power" to my Mom ----- and I think she may have conceded what I'm saying might have some truth,

especially since she realized we don't live in a third world country and it seems unlikely that nobody was able to afford my products.

Of course, she realized too that if I do have some wealth somewhere that this is a very hush-hush issue ----- so there's a possibility it's true, but then again, I probably shouldn't even be writing on my blog about it ------ except I feel I have to so I can admit there's a possibility that people paid me rather than accusing everyone of something not right.

BUT::::: I have a friend, and I was planning on playing a multiplayer video game with him soon.

He's on the same disability program I'm supposedly on ------

And he does not "own" the game --- have a copy, he does not.

The game costs $15.

He's unable to afford it until the next payment from the government.

I told him I'm running low on budget now too ---- except after the call I realized I'd be able to pay for that if I had to on either of my mastercards ------

So::: I don't know what his budget is like

But it's an interesting concept to compare and contrast two friends who are on the same disability program::::

One has a crackpot theory that's he's actually rich after he just went on a ~$2000 spending spree and could still spend another $15 if he had to,

while the other, who's budget we don't know, was just unable to afford it.

So::: does this mean that most people are unable to afford such things?

or does it mean that I did get sales and I just happen to somehow feel richer?

I don't know --- just a concept to compare and contrast ---- while we are both supposedly on the same disability program.

Anyway ------ it may seem unbelievable, and maybe it should be so it can be hushed up ----- but there's some possibility that may seem plausible that the bank just keeps my money safe from myself.

Yeah. Huh.

Can't say anything for certain ---- but in all seriousness, we have laws against defamation in Canada ---- so I have to do my best not to accuse everyone of ripping me off if there's a possibility that they didn't.

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