Monday, March 4, 2019

Practising Music

In relation to my last post, I will just note something about how I was raised:::

I said in my last post that I was raised accomplishing so much but being rewarded with so little -----

I can also observe that all throughout my childhood the teaching "Everything must be forgiven" was hammered into me constantly.

Something just seems so wrong with that.

There's no deterrent for bad behavior ----- all bad things you do are let off the hook so quickly,

while there's no reward for good things.

No punishment for bad and no reward for good.


That does seem to be really messed up ------ but that is actually how I've understood how I was raised.

Yeah ---- it was pretty messed up.


Anyway ------- so I said in my last post that one of the things on my list of expenses would be fancy new headphones -------

I had an opportunity to do a little shopping today, and I found headphones that might do the job for about $30. Not super fancy, but there's a microphone and decent quality sound ---- so it'll have to do.

Yesterday I started learning and rehearsing "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on my electric guitar. I can now play it passably with mild difficulty.

I also looked through my book of guitar songs and decided I would try "Ghost Busters".

1) The strumming pattern given in the book I don't think is quite right, especially when compared with the actual soundtrack on Apple Music.

2) The first two pages of music are pretty much the same thing over and over again ---- and it's not too difficult ---- in fact the easiest chord in the world is used repeatedly (G5).

3) The actual soundtrack for the song uses guitar chords but it's hard to hear any guitar plucking. That's why I suspect the first two pages of tablature are score for the show like when switches sequences or coming back from a commercial break.

I don't recognize the tablature on the first part ---- but the way it sounds I'm guessing it's just additional little soundtrack that just appears during scene changes or returns from commercial breaks. I'm not sure though. The tablature just doesn't seem to fit in the actual soundtrack theme.

But that's just the first two pages. I didn't get past the first little part.

So, I'm pretty sure Mary Had a Little Lamb is public domain -----

while it's OK to play Ghost Busters because it's in a music book I have that's meant to be played.

Anywho ---- Guitar isn't the biggest instrument in Ghost Busters, so yeah, it doesn't sound like much.

Anyway --- guitar is fun.

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