Monday, March 25, 2019

New Relatives, Broken String and Computer Location

I have some pretty big news.

Thing is:::: I'm wondering if I should just keep it private, as I historically have with such information.

It's a big thing, and maybe it'd be wonderful for people to know, but only maybe::: I'm wondering if I should just not say it.

It's about my famous relatives again.

I learned who I'm related to. It's kind of a big deal if it's true.

I'll say this:::: My parents must've been playing the biggest prank on me by joining and raising me in the LDS Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I'll just say that Church has a sort of love-hate relationship with my relative ----- they totally teach it, but then they say it's wrong or incorrect or incomplete somehow. That's the clue I'll give.

Remember:::: this is what says about my family, who knows if it's absolutely true or not.


I was trying to play/practice a Beatle's song for the first time on my electric guitar ------

the strumming pattern was very down-up-down-up --- I'm not used to so many upstrokes ----

and my G-String broke. I still need to get it replaced. Tomorrow I get paid, so yeah, just gotta wait.

And my last bit of news is this:::::

I've had my Chromebook for quite a while now:::: and only yesterday did I find a really good place to put and leave it, where I'll find it most convenient and useful ------- but when I did the software update yesterday, I learned my model is so old it's no longer supported.


I've had it for so long and only now have I found a really good way to use it ----- and it's now too old.

I'll still use it anyway, probably until the battery is worn out ------ but just interesting and kind of inconvenient how I've had it for so long that it's not supported anymore and I've only just found a really good way to use it.

I keep thinking about finding ways of making money so I can pay for all the things I would want in my life, and realizing how hard it has been to get sales ---- and then feeling thankful with wonderment about how generous my disability program is as it is. This stuff is actually kind of mind-boggling. Especially trying to make money when there's absolutely zero guarantee I'll get paid for my work. yeah.

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