Sunday, March 31, 2019

My First Gig

I've finally used my gig bag that came with my acoustic guitar.

Yesterday my family drove out to a park, where we were having a picnic. We had to walk a bit of a distance to get to our picnic location.

I brought my guitar. Had to use my gig bag. That means this was my first gig. Maybe not a first "real gig" --- but a first gig nonetheless.

I played some music I knew for my family, including Mary Had a Little Lamb and Mellow Music 1.

There's this one song I tried to learn by doing a google search.

I now know that you are almost guaranteed to get garbage if you search for guitar music to play this song on google.

With the help of my niece, and with the help of Wikipedia --- I have found the actual music now to this public domain song.

That, combined with how I now have a greater understanding of the guitar fretboard::::

I can now play this song nearly perfectly ---- and I only just learned the notes yesterday and today.

It will take some practice to absolutely perfect my performance, but I'm getting there, and now I know --- and now I have the right music.

A simple google search did not turn out well --- but that's all I had for so long.

And I'll just note that I also looked up O Canada sheet music on Google a while back, had to pay a fee to get some music ----- and then found out the sheet music was NOT what it claimed to be. Garbage. Maybe I just need to try the tablature, but the chords at least were meaningless.

So Yeah:::

I played my first gig as indicated by the necessity to use my gig bag,

and I finally found the right notes for this one song, and I can play it pretty well and will have to continue practicing.

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