Monday, March 11, 2019

I should rest my brain

I think a lot. I often think a lot about the past and a lot about the future.

They say that thinking about the past is depressing, and thinking about the future brings anxiety ----

For myself, I have lots of fun thinking about the past often time, and I am able to look to the future with such eagerness and hope.

Of course, when thinking about the past, I might stumble across things that didn't make sense ---- and then I start talking about them ---- and my Dad in particular really does not like that.

So:::: I think about problems that my Dad wants me to forget about ---- and really, I enjoy so much about my life that I can get seemingly overworked in my brain just thinking about it.

I'm thinking or figuring I should give it a rest. I need a way of distracting my mind from all the cares of life --- past and future.

On occasion I'll try to organize a gaming party ------- for board games, I can do this with my immediate household ----- but to play a video game, and I would like to play video games with friends and family I run into the problem that I'm the only person really available for that.

Everyone is either too old or too young, too busy or too disabled.

Board games a lot more people can get involved with ----- but my dreams of playing video games with friends and family are usually only satiated around New Years Day.

I have a lot of things I can think about ------- I have a lot of enjoyment thinking about my life, but my brain gets worked up about it------ and when I think of something that didn't make sense, my family doesn't want to hear it.

So yeah, this blog post is just my statement about wishing I could find rest for my brain, and how hard it is to organize a video gaming event with friends and family.

Is this really finding "rest" for my brain though? Maybe not so much rest but rather getting my mind off of the same old topics.

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