Friday, March 15, 2019

Feeling Poor Again

Though one could explain my monthly disability benefit as interest paid on millions of earned dollars,

we do NOT KNOW that this is actually true ---- it just seems possible --------

so maybe I'm just living on the government dole like anyone else anyway.

But I can say for certain::: I am feeling poor again.

I had my credit card debt paid off for a little while there.

But now I'm almost maxed out again, I owe my Dad and brother, and I've only got 20 dollars in my wallet for food and little more in my chequing account.

Yeah. Just feeling poor.

I'm in debt again ----- and I only have enough money for a bit of almost daily food until I get my next payment.

The way I'm looking at it right now ---- It could take at least a couple or a few months to get this completely worked out.

yeah, I'm just like anyone else, I guess.

So, no point in complaining ----- just saying that though I may have been feeling a bit manic for the past few days over an idea of potentially having earned so much money,

the reality hits me that I've been spending so much and now I'm poor with the money available to me again. Yeah.

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