Saturday, March 9, 2019

Being Asked Who I support in upcoming election

I've received two text messages in the past while, one from the NDP, and one from the UCP.

They asked me about what I support and who I support.

Here's my take::::

The UCP I vaguely hold in my mind as capitalistic, and there are some good things about a capitalist economy such as "greater freedom", supposedly.

The problem is::::: In my personal efforts in capitalism, trying to sell things, I find people just don't pay me.

I'm aware of many people ripping me off according to pirating sites:::: but getting paid is hard.

This is a big failure of capitalism:::: you might try your best, but it just doesn't work if they don't pay you.

The NDP is seen as a socialist party.

Here's what I like about them:::

I know this is debatable, but a $15 minimum wage is so much nicer for workers who would otherwise be in a worse position. Taking care of the lower class ---- I actually like that.

You see, money or currency is simply society's way of dividing goods and resources between people in that society. I personally value providing more resources to people who are otherwise underadvantaged.

Inasmuch as being super rich might seem nice, well, the Bible warns us that the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil ----- so sharing with the lesser well off people is a value I have.

Being super rich might seem nice ---- but being rich brings its own problems, so why not help provide for the less fortunate?

And then there's the whole fossil fuel thing. Personally, I think that even without the climate debate involved (and I hear both sides of it) ------ even without the climate being a factor, reducing reliance on fossil fuels is probably a good idea ANYWAYS.

Personally, I think developing renewable resources is a no brainer approach to the long term energy question. It might be smarter to start sooner than later.

As for the carbon tax:::: the NDP's way of using it to help poorer families is awesome, and beats what I think I remember hearing about the Liberal way of doing Carbon Tax.

I understand how Conservatives might be upset about the Carbon Tax ------- a big part of it is about money and therefore hoarding resources I guess, Again, I prefer some way of taking care of lesser advantaged people.

In the end, I believe in a society that takes care of everyone, including the poor, although I'm not totally equality based in that I think workers or professionals need proper monetary incentive to do their work.

So:::: at a basic level, I'm leaning towards the NDP this time around again.

In my heart, that actually makes me feel better. I'm serious when I thought about voting UCP my heartfelt wrong somehow. In my heart and in my head the NDP makes more sense.

I know the dream of being super-rich is real tantalizing ----- but usually only the lucky few make it there, and the poorest may suffer because of it.

So yeah. Sharing resources with everyone is good, whilst giving incentive for workers and professionals the do their job. yeah. In fact, there's far more incentive to work for $15 an hour than there is for a much lower price.

Capitalism only works when people actually PAY me for my work. People have just ripped me off mostly thus far. And even if I did make a bunch of money from sales, I personally don't think I'd mind sharing that with others, even in the form of taxes. I donate plenty to charity already as it is.

Sharing resources with the less fortunate is good. And capitalism doesn't work when people don't pay you.

So yeah, I'm leaning NDP again.

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