Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The Universe is STILL trolling me

Yesterday, in anticipation of getting my new Squier Affinity --- I decided I would buy sheet music for O Canada for guitar.

As I played the music on my acoustic, something became clear::: the music provided did not actually play O Canada.

I pulled out my iPad with Garage Band and inputted the chords from he sheet music into garage band to make sure --- Yep ---- the guitar chords listed on the sheet music had nothing to do with O Canada.

So::: $3CAD down the drain.

Today is the day my Squier was supposed to arrive.

But it's -28 degrees Celsius outside. Way too cold. I have to wait for tomorrow.

The good news is that I started studying scales today. I've learned a bit. Just very small things.

After tuning up my guitar (somehow it got out of tune) ---- I was playing around a bit with a Major Scale in B and it sounded alright.

It's just a matter of fully memorizing the scale diagram and practicing coordinating my left hand with my right hand in which string I'm plucking in that moment.

More good news:::

I'm getting better and better at being able to switch between Chords. This might just be because "Mellow Music 1" (or my variations of it) make it easy for me to switch chords ----- anyway, I'm getting practice.

My C Chord has also improved quite a bit --- thank you for your prayers. More prayers and practice will really help still I'm sure.

And lastly, in preparation for receiving my Squier, last night I reorganized and cleaned up my bedroom a bit more.

Yes --- this means I had to remove some of my parents' stuff from storage on shelves and under a table -----but I'm enjoying my space more now.

Not much more to say. Despite the Universe still trolling me, I'm still keeping happy.

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