Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The Power of Helping

so: good news: Purolator says they found my amp, and they said they are going to deliver it to me today. Yippee.

But the following is what I really wanted to say::::::

If you don't already know, in all my time trying to do this or that, selling things, I've found that people typically just do not pay.

This means that I am forced to survive mostly on the disability income I receive ----- and the reason I'm disabled is because of all the abuse and torment I received from other people when I was growing up.

So:::: growing up I was treated very poorly, and this is why I now have my income.

I've tried to work and entertain and educate people, but people don't pay me anything for this work ---- obviously something is very wrong with humanity, as things aren't going well repeatedly.

ANYWAY ------- SO:::: I bought an electric guitar, and I am now able to make my own music.

I also figured out that I will soon finally be able to buy a low-end new mac mini.

But I have to emphasize::::


is because my grandmother donated $500 to me as a Christmas gift.

I would not feel able to buy the guitar or the mac mini so soon if it wasn't for Grandma's Christmas gift/donation.

She basically just invested in my talents, really.

So:::: if a simple $500 donation gets me moving down a road where I can now play guitar online and even get a new mac,

then wouldn't it sure be interesting if people actually paid me for my work or donated bitcoin? I"m sure it would be pretty darned interesting.

I was just watching a video on youtube that says entrepreneurs suffer because people don't have money to spend. I believe it.

Imagine what the world would be like if people were honest in their dealings. Huh. The world would likely be a MUCH better place.


Main point of this post::::

My amp will be returned to me soon,

and the effects of one $500 donation/gift to me have been tremendous. Getting paid really, really helps.

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