Friday, February 22, 2019

Thankful Update

In today's update on my life, I've got a lot to be thankful for.

I'm thankful for Canada's health care system.

And I'm thankful for the new model mac mini I now have.

I got the refurbished low-end base model of the new mac mini. It runs A LOT faster than the 1.4ghz. It's a dream come true. I'd very much recommend spending the extra few hundred dollars on the new mac mini rather than a refurbished 1.4ghz model.

I will note in this post::::: it appears that in order to get Gigabit ethernet working on the new Mac Mini ---- go to:

System Preferences > Network > Ethernet > Advanced > Hardware > Configure: Manually > Speed 1000 base T

I thought I'd mention that because either due to time machine preferences from my old machine or whether this is just a default setting ----- I had to manually switch to 1000 base t rather than using 100 base t ethernet.

As for my music recording and posting on Youtube::: I am doubtful I will have new content for tomorrow.

I TRIED to create content, but my one recording isn't any good, actually, the second recording wasn't that great either but it also was psychotic as I mentioned before.

Yeah ----- I have nothing. So much for a weekly program.

But yeah ---- Just great to have a health care system that cares,

and it's great to have a Mac Mini that is a lot zippier and works for the intended purposes.

Thank God.

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