Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Screening Calls

My family has learned to be very paranoid over the years, so we often just screen phone calls.

But today we've received two calls:::: we screened them of course, but what I learned is interesting::::

766 is apparently the area code for New York.

I did not know that before.

Makes sense considering an old video game I played.

Also:::: Apparently a local Retail Business here in Calgary phoned to offer me 0% interest on all my credit cards.

Like I said, my family is paranoid, and I know that even if this was a legit offer my parents would probably find it highly suspicious. Thanks for the offer though. That was very kind.

But this call was not misinformed ----- they called to congratulate me on my credit rating,

which is interesting because my bank recently wrote to me to pre-approve me for their credit card.

Thing is though:::: I don't plan on going into any level of deeper debt again anytime.

I may have started guitaring, but like I said in my last post:::: that may end quickly if I can't think of things to talk about besides whining about my life.

I was basically just having some fun with Youtube. If the Youtube thing goes viral, then maybe I'll publish what I've already got on a streaming service may be.

yeah. Um. I have good credit, enough to apparently inspire a local retailer to give me an offer ------ but I have no plans of indebting myself again in a big way.

My parents wouldn't even trust such things as I know them.

Life is getting exciting, but if I'm to keep making music I'll need better ideas. I might need better musical knowledge and skills too.

This could take a while.

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