Thursday, February 7, 2019

Reach Out With your feelings (Empathy)

Over the past few visits to the psychiatric hospital (every 3 weeks) I've started to notice that I'll feel anxiety and or depression .on those days.

These days, I'm normally feeling like quite a happy person ---- but on days I visit the psychiatric Unit I sense anxiety and depression.

So::: I have come to believe in EMPATHY, the ability to sense or feel what someone else is feeling.

Today, I was pulling a Jedi and reaching out with my feelings. Well, I wasn't really "reaching out" -- I was just sensing whatever might be going on in people's hearts.

Some people might call this a crazy belief, but

When you felt as many different feelings as I felt in such a short period of time --- I think I can safely suspect that I am feeling the feelings of other people.

This is NOT a "mood swing" ---- in a mood swing my thoughts and emotions would probably be changing together and I'd be acting accordingly,

This is me with a mind that's heavily thoughtful, and a heart sensing different feelings.

I am very much into good and happy feelings these days. But I could sense emptiness, in some, anger, in one I think, happiness, ----- well, anyway --- there's a whole range of feelings, and it was very interesting to sample them all in a short period of time.

A person who feels empty, I realize, might not even realize what they are missing out on, they may have to learn about the better warmer and happier feelings, I suspect.

Anyway ---- I'm just saying that I suspect I can sense others' feelings, at least occasionally ---- and yes, I am still believing in telepathy too.

As for the loss of the guitar Amplifier that was shipped to me:::::

I feel good in my heart, I am forgiving. It would be nice if someone or especially some company could reimburse me for my loss, but even if not, I am feeling forgiving,

and I realize that if I have to I can just go buy a new amp myself anyway. But it would be better if I was reimbursed for my loss.

I have grown so used to forgiving things, my growing up days as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has done so much to keep me non-responsive to a bad situation.

Although, more recently, it's becoming clearer in my mind that the church no longer controls me and that I am not absolutely required to forgive everything anymore. I do it largely out of habit, as well as I think there really are some good benefits to forgiveness.

So Yeah, I feel forgiving of my "damaged package". Reimbursement would be nice though.

I am a happy man. Life had been such a struggle ------ but I have brought myself to a good place of peace and happiness.

I think I've run out of things to say for now.

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