Wednesday, February 6, 2019

More Trolling

I kind of thought that maybe I should just stop talking about trolling ---- I tried not to mention this, but now I will:::

The backlight on my watch broke. I don't know how or why, but the backlight just broke. Huh. It doesn't work anymore.

But here's the really BIG trolling story for the day::::

Purolator delivered my Electric Guitar Pack from Best Buy today.  A day late. Actually --- two days late,

the first day late is because my credit card company suspected fraud -----

the second day late is because of inclement weather ------

But, now that it has arrived::: there's a problem::::::

The box for the whole shebang arrived pre-opened. I went through the contents.

The amplifier is missing.

How am I supposed to play my electric guitar with NO AMP????

This is disconcerting circumstance.

I have already contacted both Best Buy and Purolator about this. I took pictures.

I just have to wait for their responses now.


Well, this isn't the first time my mail has magically gone missing. Now I have further evidence that such goes on.

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