Friday, February 8, 2019

Microphone Order Cancelled eh

This morning I posted a video on Youtube announcing that I intend on performing some music in an upcoming video.

I say I am waiting on a fancy microphone to record my vocals.

I had ordered a fancy refurbished microphone ------- the money was paid from my Card ------- but when I just checked on the order a moment ago, the portal said the order had been canceled.


Well, it was refurbished ---- maybe there weren't any in stock, who knows.

It would be too bad if I offended Best Buy somehow by saying my amp never arrived.

The good news is that Purolator has gotten back to me twice today about the missing amp. I hope this all gets sorted out quickly enough.

Well ---- that announcement video on Youtube -------- I advertised it on Twitter and Facebook ---- so far only 1 person has watched only 6 seconds of it.

This does not look promising.

It's interesting that I have some subscribers, followers on Twitter and friends on Facebook ---- and then nobody cared to watch my video. Hmmm.

Such a letdown.

Am I personally just somehow separate from the rest of society? Maybe I am.

You'd think having friends would be a good thing ------ but it is also true that I have seen people fail horribly in their thoughts, actions, and speech. Maybe it is best just to stay separate.

It's unfortunate that I appear unable to sell anything or to even get people interested in watching a simple 2-minute video.

Who knows ------ my friends historically, many of them came from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and the church and I stopped getting along ------- and it's quite probable that members of the church can't accept to be shown how they might be wrong, especially when they believe it's wrong to criticize.

Oh well.

That's just a little sad because so much of what I am and learned and do and know came from that church ------ but somehow things just changed, and though I have much of my life based on things I know from church ------- the church basically seems to have rejected itself basically.

yeah, weird huh?

One minute the church is telling you that denying the Holy Ghost and murder are unforgivable --- the next thing you know your bishop tells you to deny your testimony of the Holy Ghost and they suddenly change their teaching to that murder actually HAS to be forgiven.

They were going in one direction consistently ---- then there was a sudden change in policy I guess.

And they feel they cannot be criticized for changing their beliefs or policies, or basically, baiting and switching.

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