Sunday, February 3, 2019

It's almost like the Universe is now TROLLING me.

In my last post, I stated my intention to move some funds onto my MasterCard and then order my first electric guitar this week.

It seems I'm getting a bit of a run-around - like the Universe is trolling me.

It wasn't too long after making that announcement on my blog that when I looked back at the guitar kit on Amazon I was thinking of ----- poof ------ they had at least a few in stock but suddenly there was no more stock ----- all in a 24 hour period.

So::: I started thinking about more expensive options and set more money to be moved to my MasterCard.

I will note::: the card I was moving my money to was a PREPAID MASTERCARD.

Well, the soonest I expect that money to be accounted for on that card is Tuesday. Maybe late Monday.

But today, this morning ---- I was looking at guitars on Best Buy, when they had a deal on that I didn't notice before ---- and it ends either today or tomorrow.

And I realized by the time my money gets to my card -- it will probably be too late.

So luckily I was able to remember all the details of my DEBT MASTERCARD ---- a mastercard I was intending on never using again. I WAS intending on never using it again, until I saw the deal on Best Buy that would be over before too long ------ so yeah, happily I remembered my card's details and was able to place an order.

But I'm not done yet!!

An hour or so ago the bank of my Debt Mastercard sent me messages asking me if this transaction is for real or if it's fraud. This never happens.

I had to respond that it's a good deal, and now looking at the email from Best Buy about this --- I now have to wait for tomorrow for Best Buy to finally receive payment and send out the shipment ---- which means the guitar will arrive a little later than I had originally hoped.

So:::: Yes ----- this is like a big runaround like the Universe is trolling me.

1) The guitar kit I was looking at suddenly became sold out wthin 25 hours ---
2) Before being able to make a purchase with my Prepaid Card ---- Best Buy annouced a sale that ends very quickly -------
3) I make the purchase with my Debt Card ------ but the purchase is suddenly suspected to be fraud ---- and I had to manually confirm it was actually good.


Anyway ----- Just in case my banks are reading and they're wondering what I'm talking about:::

I have TWO Mastercards. One is a debt card. One is a PREPAID card.

I intended on only using the Prepaid Card for the rest of my life, but again I have found a use for going a bit into debt again.

SO:::: Yesterday i was at my Sister's place to help her with some work.

I was so excited about my intentions of buying an electric guitar that I couldn't stop talking about Guitar with my Sister and her Husband.

Their family is learning Ukelele, so I also talked a good deal about that too.

Just very excited and intrigued

So::: near the end I pulled out my iPhone to play some of my recordings for my Brother-in-Law.

My brother-in-law, during the play of my recording, pulled out his Ukelele and some music and started to play and sing. I turned off my phone.

I actually have to say I'm really impressed with my Brother-in-Law's talent::: his singing with the Ukelele was actually quite beautiful.

The next steps for him would be to memorize his songs and perfect switching between Chords.

It was just so nice. The Ukelele is a beautiful instrument.

I think there was something else I was planning on discussing in this blog post, but now I can't remember what it was. I've forgotten.

So I'll end this post by saying that in so many ways I am just so happy with my life now ---- I feel like I'm in a sort of heaven that just keeps getting better and better. Besides the Universe trolling me.

I'm just so content now.

I just realized that I could say there is a reason to suspect some of the information from is actually true ------ but I will still keep my famous relations private right now.

There you go ----- all these good things to say, and I can't even remember the other thing I had to talk about.

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