Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Another Strange Message

It's 2:40AM right now, but before I went to bed (and woke up) -----

My family was playing a board game last night.

During the board game, my phone received a text message.

The text message told me to immediately contact a Canadian Bank at a certain phone number.

Yes --- that's interesting, but when I looked up the phone number online ---- that number is not associated with that bank in that search, it was actually associated with a California business that is not a bank.

Though it is intriguing that I would get such a message, to immediately contact a bank, and then the number provided doesn't even go to that bank --------

Yeah ------ I'm suspicious.

A week ago something similar happened when a local retailer offered 0% on all my credit cards.

Just very strange. Although, I am told that retailer that called a week ago actually went out of business shortly back ---- so who knows.

I am not interested in trying to contact a bank at a phone number that Google associates with a completely different business in a different country.

If this bank really wanted to talk to me ----- they could use their own phone number or direct me to their website somehow.

It's just strange how my spam tells me of some account way off wherever ---- 0% credit cards from a local retailer, and a California business masquerading as a Canadian Bank. Very strange.

Though it might play with my hopes and dreams in a way -------- it doesn't look trustworthy even at face value, so if a Bank really wanted to contact me, they'd have to make it look more official and not like a privateer. (yeah, isn't it fun how I recently bought Sid Meier's Colonization? I have memories of that game ------ a privateer was basically a government-hired warship that did not claim to belong to the government that hired it).

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