Monday, January 14, 2019

The Detail of an Unmentioned Prediction

My breakup with my ballerina girl was a very hurtful affair for me.

But she justified it: she said: "You'll totally find someone else totally better than me!"

I did not mention this in my book. But it's a memory, I believe she said it.

She was justifying her ending her relationship with me by saying someone way better would come along.

Of course, me being totally in love with ballerinagirl ----- I thought the world of her --------- I couldn't accept that I'd actually find someone better than her later in life. I didn't believe her.

Anyway ------- so all the stuff happens, and boom :::::::: I have a belief that God told me to be with Avril Lavigne, who sang about what had just happened in my life.

The ballerinagirl herself said someone better WOULD come along.

So::: Avril came along, basically claiming to be in love with me.

So yeah ----- it's just maybe a little too bad that my own prediction came true too and such was not actually going to happen.

Even though the ballerina girl herself justified her breakup with me by saying that someone totally better would come along --------

When someone totally better did come along, NOBODY --- not the bishop, not the fanclub, not the doctors ------- NOBODY would actually let me have this better person who came along.

People decided they didn't want me to have my replacement.

Ballerinagirl herself basically predicted the coming of Avril Lavigne ------- but everybody else had a complete problem and difficulty with actually letting me actually be with Avril.

I just think it's strange you know.

All my life growing up in the church, we were taught of temple marriage, eternal families, celestial exaltation and becoming a God.

My Patriarchal Blessing told me I'd be sealed to a companion of my choice. This probably, in the 99% likelihood meant that I was supposed to get married ----- especially as that statement was followed by something about me having sons and daughters.

Anyway ----- The church made it VERY CLEAR they wanted me to get married.

But the weird thing is:::::: like, they wanted me to get married -------- BUT WHY ON EARTH DID THEY INSIST ON REPEATEDLY TAKING AWAY MY GIRLFRIEND??????

Ballerinagirl was not allowed. Ballerinagirl predicted a better girl would come along.

A better girl did come along, Avril Lavigne ------ but she wasn't allowed either.

How is it that the church raises me to believe in temple marriage and all that ---- and then won't even let me have a girlfriend?  That is just a really strange issue ---- it's mind-boggling.

Was there any possibility of "propheticness" going on here?

Well, Ballerina girl predicted someone better would come along --- she was right

I predicted such could not actually happen ----- I was more or less right too.

And yeah --- the church seems really confusing when they raise me telling me to get married ---- and then they just repeatedly take away my girlfriend. That's really confusing.

BUT ---- there might be a small little bit of propheticness in the church I'll try to admit::::

Years after these things happened, the prevailing attitude among men, as far as I am aware, is that marriage wasn't worthwhile ------- Guys go MGTOW ----- no more women, no more marriage.

Though the church's decision making was confusing, it was inconsistent, it matched up with a prevailing attitude years later that men should just say away from women.

Of course ----- if it is true that men should stay away from women --------- Then why did my patriarchal blessing even say I would get married?

yeah who knows ----- it's a little confusing.

But anyway ----- fact is::::: The ballerina girl herself predicted that Avril would come along to be with me --------- and God even verified this to me --------------- so it's just very interesting how nobody, not the bishop, not the fanclub, not the doctors, not my own family -------- nobody would actually let me have the person who came along afterward.  Very strange isn't it?

Ballerina girl tried to justify the end of the friendship for me by saying I'd find someone way better ---- she was right, but nobody actually let that happen.

Yeah. Just strange.

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