Sunday, January 6, 2019

Musical Fun!

I've got two books of guitar music.

The first is Christmas Songs because it was relevant last month.

The second is a wide assortment of Rock and Pop.

I've now tried parts from two songs in the Rock and Pop book.

Am really quite having fun with my guitar.

Today I tried the 2nd song for the first time ----- and a little while ago I was playing, and when I was done I came upstairs and asked my Mom what she thought of my playing.

She said that I'm getting better at the art. Though, she didn't recognize the song I was playing. But it still must've sounded musical!

Yes --- I felt like I was really "rocking out" as I played this song today.

A good guitar composer will choose chords and place them in a sequence that is sensible and easy to switch the fingers on the fretboard between the chords. This song I was playing mostly did that.

The song is 4 pages long. Two problems::: I manage to get halfway through the second page before my left-hand starts feeling really screwy or bent out of shape. Then I have to stop. And that means I don't even reach the second problem:::: flipping the page when I'm done the first two pages. The second problem looks like quite a big difficulty to overcome.

I might just have to memorize the music and the chords, which will not be easy, even as I still might not have the best memory --- especially for this.

But all in all ----- learning guitar as much as I have has been a very rewarding experience even just learning and playing some music. It's fun. I'm sure it'd be a lot more fun if I had an electric guitar, but that's still out of reach due to the following budget constraints, partly::::

So::::: I'm looking at my money, and I might be able to buy a pretty decent new mac mini in about 3 months minimum, maybe 4 months if I want an extra feature. This, of course, means I will only buy buying food, my regular bills, and very little more.

I am quite enticed to buy a new Mac Mini ----- it looks like a great machine, if a bit expensive.

Of course, part of my "paranoid" self recently realized that if the power went out --- if there was no electricity ----- that normal banking as we know it today wouldn't turn out very well. I was kind of planning to concentrate more on cash, but now I'm deciding more on savings.

But yeah ------ Bitcoin is actually the most useless form of currency in the event of a power failure----- there's a good reason why CASH exists, we may not always be able to rely on electricity, depending on any number of potential disaster factors. But that's my paranoia. However, it is only practical to have a physical trading medium rather than just electronic ------ and I recently bought a book about business that said something about how the paranoid survive the best.

But yeah ---- the big point of this blog post is just to express my joy at being able to play through 40 percent of a rock song and getting complimented by my mother.

a secondary note is how hard it'll be to buy the new mac mini ----- but I would want one after using this 1.4ghz model ------ the 1.4ghz model is kind of annoyingly slow. It's usable, it's functional for what I need it for ------- but simply opening a web browser can take quite a long time it seems like. Yeah.

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