Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Learning a bit about my relatives

So::: My Mom being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints came home from one of her things a while back and told us there's an app from Ancestry.com called We're Related that shows you who you are related to --- among famous people.

Like, these famous people could be famous for doing any number of things.

So:::: either most of my branches haven't been researched yet, or most of my branches are bare except for two.

I have one really quite famous branch in my family.

For the sake of privacy, I will not tell you who I am related to --- not yet at least.

First off:::: You almost have to wonder if it's a mistake or a joke ------- but this is what the sources at Ancestry.com tell me.

Well, it just so happens that my family seems to have a bit of a tradition of producing celebrities. Some are really big, some of them are a bit smaller ----- but yes ---- Hollywood names.

I have a couple of politicians, a philosopher, and a few, well, actors. And that's just from TWO of EIGHT branches.

You want to know some history? When my Dad was younger, like, when my grandparents were younger ---- They knew Jim Carey's family before he was famous.

And then Avril Lavigne lived near my grandparents for 20 some-odd years ------- my grandparents lived right near Abbey Dawn Road.

yes ---- this is very interesting.  And now Ancestry.com is telling more about the tradition of celebrity in my family.

So:::: yes, that is very cool --------------

But again, I just have to wonder about the Church of "Jesus Christ" of Latter-Day Saints.

If my family has a history of producing people like this, and I was year after year a top ranked student in school -------------

Then what gave the local LDS Bishop the right to shit on my family traditions and try to pull me apart from a long history of meteoric success?

The Latter-Day Saint church taught me that you will lose your blessings if you sin. Period.

Does that really make sense though? If I can have a job because I drink coffee or can't have a wife because I masturbate ----------

Like::::: If blessings are just BOOM LOST ------- Simply because I broke a church rule -----------

Then why does the church even believe in THREE FREAKIN' DEGREES OF GLORY????

The Bishop basically treated me like I was dropped to utter damnation simply because I'm a normal male.



The Bishop basically felt he had the right to kick me out of my family simply because I'm a normal male. O my God.  Most of my family really doesn't even friggin' believe in this church.

So:::: IF you get damned to hell simply because you broke a couple LDS Rules that don't even make sense once you develop a scientific understanding -------

Then why are there three degrees of glory???  What does the Moon glory give you if you just can't have blessings because you masturbate or drink coffee?

Like:::: The Terrestrial Kingdom, or THE MOON GLORY ----- IS SUPPOSED TO BE SOME KIND OF KINGDOM OF GLORY -------- Yet here's the church damning me to hell just for being a normal male.

I'm just not sure where the Bishop got his doctrine from.

They believe if three degrees of glory, and yet they felt I could not be glorified simply because I'm a normal male.  Like::: It's absolutely NORMAL ---- At least 99% of males do it.

And I had to lose my glory, my family traditions, simply because the Bishop didn't realize that God was merciful and forgiving?

To be honest, there are a ZILLION things about growing up under that bishop that really don't make any sense at all ----------

But now having learned about my family's tradition of producing celebrities, I am even more upset that the Bishop was trying to take that away from me over non-reasons.

When the bishop decided that Avril Lavigne can't go to heaven simply because she is a popular musician::::

Right then at that moment, the Bishop was telling me that GOD SHITS ON MY FAMILY.

And to be honest, the Bishop was also telling me to deny my testimony of the Holy Ghost ------ which means my Bishop believes in a totally different God than I did.

The church is simply unacceptable now.

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