Thursday, January 24, 2019

Is this for real?

I've noticed something.

I take some time to look at my latest spam in my spam box every so often.

On my iCloud, there's an email that says I can claim quite a lot of money.

On my Gmail, there's another string of emails trying to get me to get into some kind of account and get some money.

So far, I've never really been too certain that I should actually trust anything these letters say, regardless of how official they might even look.

If someone wants to give me money, then why not JUST SEND ME A CHEQUE?

But anyway ------ I just noticed today that the addresses on the icloud spams and the gmail spams are supposedly very close to each other, both coming from Switzerland.

Like:::: There's an address here, and then there's another address in the other email account:::: and these addresses are very close to each other.

Anyone have any idea?

But seriously:::: If you have money FOR ME ----- Seriously, write me a cheque! I'll totally let you deduct the transaction fees from the principal you are offering. Totally.

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