Thursday, January 24, 2019

I'm Invited

I checked my email a moment ago and found that I've been invited to a special writing event in Southern California.

The whole reason I wrote my books, developed the video games ----- the initial first reason was so I could make enough money to make such a trip and become closer friends with you know who.

After 3 books and 8 video games published ----- I didn't really make any money.

I just found plenty of evidence that people would take freebies and droves --- and if it wasn't free, then they'd pirate it.

Yes ---- I was trying to raise money so I could safely go on a trip to meet my hero again.

It seems kind of strange that the whole reason I was doing this is being tested again with an event in the industry in the same area of the world.

Anyway ----- I have $0 in my chequing account right now ---- I have only $30 in my wallet ------ I don't think I'm going to make it.

Is this irony? Or is it juxtaposition? The whole reason I wrote the book was to make a trip -----the book failed to sell -------- and now the industry I engaged in has invited me on a similar trip.


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