Monday, January 28, 2019

I Tried Something Different

After writing yesterday's post about maybe buying a new low-end mac mini and maybe continuing in development, I felt driven to try and start working on a version of The Inter-Continental Brink of Madness in XCode.

I only got so far before I realized the project is more than my "expertise" can handle.

My knowledge of swift and Xcode is really limited to a basic course I took online.

Some things I'd want to do in such a game project are more than I know how at this point.

And then I calculated how much my investments will likely be worth, like in a year, if I keep saving and investing.

I realized that if I just keep investing and saving that before long I'll start making more from investments than I ever did from OUYA or selling books.

Well, looking at how difficult it is to work on these projects, and how little I've previously been paid ---- and then looking at how much more I'll make just investing and letting other people work for me ----

Yes, my last blog post was right when I felt like my "work is done".

All I have now is this blog to say things on. If I ever feel like it. Because I commonly have no one to talk to.

But really ----- My XCode knowledge is limited, which makes development difficult, I barely made any money from sales anyway ---- and within a short period of time I'll be making a bit of a mint from investing, no point spending on new macs or trying again. Any time soon at least.

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