Wednesday, January 2, 2019

I Guess I've Got Really Low Standards

I guess I'm just not like other gamers.

In Mid-December I ordered my PlayStation Classic from Amazon and gleefully waited.

Then yesterday, on New Years Day, my sister's brother-in-law came over and we had a gaming party.

According to Wikipedia, people were very disinterested in the PS Classic, and the console was apparently severely criticized by critics ---- according to Wikipedia.

We played just 4 of the games last night, and 3 of them were actually quite fun! I mean, I was so overjoyed by the fun I had on that system that when the party was over I was dreaming of playing on it some more.

Only Rainbow Six ---- which is a 1 player game, was the one game that wasn't "good". I mean, it was kind of tolerable, but we quickly found the controls to be a little weird and not the best.

I'm not sure I'd rate the PS Classic yet, as I've only played 4 of the games ----- but I had quite a good amount of fun with the system, I really liked it.

So, considering that "most" other people weren't interested, I guess I've got low standards or am completely unique in my identity as a gamer, I must be somehow very different from everyone else.

Most people had a big problem with the OUYA somehow ---- I thought it was a great system.

A lot of people seemed to absolutely hate Forge TV ------ I thought this was a great system too.

Apparently, there's much disinterest and criticism of the PS Classic ----- but again, I found the system to be really quite enjoyable.

Of course, I should probably note that according to Youtube Channels ------ big game studios on modern systems apparently don't think they're selling enough or something like that.

It might just be that as a whole the whole gaming industry is dropping (contracting) ----- Maybe American Millenials just have so much student debt that they can't afford gaming or have no time anymore for gaming.

So though I've mentioned the PS One was "critically panned" (according to Wikipedia), according to Youtube even all these great modern studios are having severe problems with modern games too anyway.

I guess most people (if the media can be defined to think for most people) most people are just really picky.

I had great fun with things "most people" didn't like.

and it might just be that American Millenials are in too much debt or are working more now, so they just don't have the same time they used to have for gaming. It might be as simple as that.

So, to summarize::: Played some games on PS Classic with family in a New Year's Party, and had great fun. When the party was over, I started dreaming or fantasizing of playi8g more on the system myself. It was fun actually.

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