Friday, January 18, 2019

Being a Good Person

A couple side notes:

My 1.4ghz Mac Mini seems to have gotten "faster" in the past couple of days. It's definitely still not as fast as my 2012 mac mini, but I remember using the 1.4 and finding it to be more functional than it previously had been just shortly before. Interesting.

I was looking through a place where we keep some of my stuff in the house when I found something. No one had ever told me I had this. In fact, this is a product I didn't even know existed. No one told me about it --- I didn't know it even existed --- and surprisingly I found it in a bin of my stuff. The really good thing is that this is another one of those things which I have pretty much needed all my life. Well, I didn't necessarily absolutely NEED it, but it's pretty close to being a need, and well, I've needed it for years --- I didn't even know it existed, and somehow it just showed up in a bin of my stuff. So weird.

So this blog post I'd like to write a bit about morality.

I'm trying to be a good person. The LDS Church did something really wonderful for me::: when I turned 8 years old:::: they baptized me. I took it seriously. The whole idea, in its basic form, was to do the right thing, choose the right, be perfect. Every time. Another way this can be looked at is to just do your best and forgive the rest.

Instilling a sense of morality in me and my family seems like a really good thing to do. If my parents made a good choice, I think it has done me a lot of good just to go through that baptismal experience and commit myself to making the right choices and doing good things.

What I found was that committing yourself to the right choices early in life is VERY IMPORTANT ---- Why? Because not too long after getting baptized I found that there were all kinds of influences in my life ---- including in my own family ------- who were not trying to bring the best out of me.

It was a painful, mournful life for a very long time, but things ended up well enough, and I believe this may even be due to how I committed to make the best choices I could and do the best I can.

And to be honest:::: When you have a zillion influences in your life, and they are trying to bring out the worst in you, and your own family isn't very helpful ------- yeah ---- it's really hard -------- but things may have turned out so much worse if I hadn't seriously committed myself to do doing good.

In fact, the morality problems I saw in the people around me were so bad, that's why I tried to commit myself to Jesus' service.

Unfortunately, things started to really fall apart when my Bishop decided my commitment to serving Jesus was actually just a deal with the devil ----- but at least I can say I tried. But yeah ----- something is really wrong, even disturbing when you pray to God and commit to serve Him, and all your bishop does is accuse you of making a deal with the devil.

Well, seeing as how my commitment to serve God was regarded as a deal with the Devil by the Bishop ----- that should clearly illustrate how messed up the church became in my life. Though the church seemed so good in the beginning, it just went so, so wrong.

On a side note, here's a short list of 4 things the church did in my life which didn't make any sense:

1) They constantly told me to forgive EVERYTHING ----- but they never forgave me for anything.

2) They would always teach me to get married ----- but then they'd take away my girlfriend repeatedly.

3) They told me I would witness and perform miracles ------- but shortly afterward they forced me on psychiatric drugs and treated me like a lunatic because I believe in miracles.

4) They tell you all through your childhood to be like Jesus ------ but when it comes down to the brass tax of the fine nitty gritty of the rules ------ you aren't actually allowed to actually be like Jesus.

Anyway ------- So, from a young age, I really wanted to be a good person, I even wanted to seek work in life that involved encouraging morality and ethics.

But things just went so, so wrong.

I do try to be a good person, although this post has some disturbing enough things in my life anything might be found questionable ---------

But yeah, I try to be a good person -------- but trying to determine a proper morality or objective morality can get so mixed up ------ especially when there are so many different people out there with their own personal subjective moralities.

What exactly is objective morality?

In my mind, there are so many different versions of morality and variations on rules that objective morality can perhaps be summed up best this way::::


You do good to others so they do good to you.

You forgive others so you yourself can be forgiven.

This is the very basics of it, I guess.

As for the Latter Day Saint Church -------- though what I just mentioned is basically taught at the youngest level of primary, they seem to forget about it later as their morality teachings take a zillion different twists and turns later in life and it becomes very confusing.

All I can say about the Latter Day Saints is that they very well know that Joseph Smith himself prophecied that his name would be known for both good and evil.

That might sum it up best. There are two sides of it, it's a mixed bag of good and bad, sometimes it seems so very good, but in other ways, it seems so very wrong. It's really a mixed bag ---- And the founder of the church realized that this would be true of himself at some point in his own life.

So:::: I try to be a good person.

Following rules of morality can be difficult to navigate, especially when so many different people have their own subjective values of what is right and wrong,

the most objective morality I can think of is this golden rule::::

Just treat others as you want them to treat you, or, the famous "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

That seems like the very basic form of objective morality.

and the LDS church is really a mixed bag.

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