Saturday, January 12, 2019

An Update on my Game Dev Status

So a little while back I backed up my old macOS on another hard drive and updated the main drive to Mojave.

I'm glad I did.

Mojave doesn't like Unity 4 very much.

So I updated Unity on my Mojave drive.

And everything is great, except for the fact that the Unity 4 First Person Controller has been deprecated and at first glance, to get an easy First Person Controller I'd have to spend $95 on the Unity Asset Store.

It's so hard to decide what to do with money and budgeting sometimes.

Before doing the above,

I had just budgeted that maybe I could not spend any more money on food for a month and a half (living off of my food storage) and then be able to buy a low-end model mac mini to replace my 1.4ghz mini.

I'd pretty much be in a constant state of being broke if I did that. I cut up my credit card the other day, so I'm not going to be having access to debt anymore.

If only I had actually been paid for my books. Then this wouldn't be a dilemma.

On one hand, I've got food storage to live off of, be broke, but finally get a new mac mini,

while on the other hand, I like good food and maybe it would help to spend $95 on a First Person Controller Unity Asset. And I could save more money.

Upon reflecting, it makes more sense just to buy real food ------ I don't necessarily need a new mac mini now that I've got a system backup of High Sierra and the new version of Unity on my new Mojave.

if I continue developing, I'm going to want that $95 for a Unity Asset.

yeah, I guess I'll be holding off on a new Mac Mini again for now. Made that decision just now on the fly.


In other news,

Yes ----- I won another $2 prize on the Lottery last night.

But you know something?

Gambling is actually an incredible waste of time and money.

Sure gambling can be a bit fun, but if you get sucked in you could end up losing all your cash! all your stuff!

God has started being really quite good to me, but to me, it makes more sense that people spend their money on actual goods and services rather than wasting it on the lottery or gambling.

I heard a statistic that said Americans spent a whole lot more one year on the lottery than they did on books.

I think reality would make a lot more sense if people actually paid me for my books rather than ripping them off, rather than wasting that money on the Lottery.

Gambling is a waste of time.

The odds of breaking even aren't very good. So::: yeah::: it's a waste of time and money!

But yeah ----- these games can suck you in ----- and that's dangerous!!!

So::: rather than spending any more money on the lottery, why not do the honest thing and actually pay me for my books? :)


So:::: if I were to buy a new mac mini, I still wouldn't be able to continue development fun without having extra money ----- so considering how I don't like going hungry, I'll probably just hold off on a new Mac Mini some more.

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