Friday, December 21, 2018

Update on my Development Environment

So::: for a good long while I've wondered about how I could run the latest MacOS (Mojave) but still keep a legacy system of High Sierra around.

The short of it is::: My 2012 Mac Minic can now dual boot between Mojave and High Sierra, so now I can have both worlds.

I haven't tried running Unity 4 on Mojave yet ---- but the icon isn't . "crossed-out" ----- so that's probably a sign that it will run.

I'm not going to guarantee that I'll ever release a product ever again ---- but I'm going to try to work to see if I can keep updated in the case that I MIGHT release a product ever again.

OUYA was good because it was a great place to make your own stuff and publish it. It was a pretty decent system for a number of reasons.

Too bad it failed, although I understand that there were some controller problems and that people just weren't spending money. But OUYA was a great idea.

OUYA was far less intimidating a company to work with, in my mind if I wanted to publish with Apple or Google, I might feel a bit intimidated, as I see it in my mind, so I might just get too scared to even try.

Not to mention that OUYA was free to publish on while you will most likely pay some fees at a bigger platform.

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